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Monthly open source donation: Away3D

Away3D is an open source 3D Flash Engine, much like PaperVision3D. The documentation is ok and you can find a good collection of tutorials to get started. It’s quite easy to get started, although it is not always easy to find precise descriptions of object properties and how they should be used. I haven’t looked at the forum yet.

So far, I’m quite pleased about it and donated $20,-.

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Monthly open source donation: Efflex – Flex effects

Efflex logoI wanted to donate in March to the Efflex project. There is a Paypal button on the site, but it doesn’t lead to page where you can actually donate. So I’ll wait until this button is fixed.

The project presents some excellent effects, especially for use with viewstacks.

Update april 14, 2010:
The button now works!


Monthly open source donation: Drupal

This month, I wanted to make my monthly donation of 10 euros to Drupal. Then I saw that you can become an individual member of the Drupal Association by contributing 22 euros. So I decided to do that. Not sure how the membership can be benicifial, but Drupal is an awesome CMS and I have made many sites based on this open source product. The contribution is very well spend.

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Monthly open source donation: SQLite Manager for Firefox

This month’s donation of $10 goes to a great tool for managing SQLite databases. I was looking for something comparable to phpMyAdmin or MySQL Workbench and found this tool. I thought there would be more tools around, but this was the only one I found. Now I can happily manage databases used in AIR applications.

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