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Away3DLite uses an inverted y-axis

I switched over from Away3D to Away3DLite, hoping that my performance issues would be solved. And indeed, Away3DLite is much faster than it’s big brother. However, I suddenly noticed that the y-axis seemed to be inverted (negative values above the root and positive values under the root). I first thought I made some errors with the camera and that I was seeing everyting upside down.

This post seems to explain the reason: The y-axis is inverted.

Strange thing is, however, if you place a cone on the scene, it is pointing upwards as you would expect when using a normal (not-inverted) y-axis. Makes it all a bit confusing, but now you know…

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Monthly open source donation: Away3D

Away3D is an open source 3D Flash Engine, much like PaperVision3D. The documentation is ok and you can find a good collection of tutorials to get started. It’s quite easy to get started, although it is not always easy to find precise descriptions of object properties and how they should be used. I haven’t looked at the forum yet.

So far, I’m quite pleased about it and donated $20,-.

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Using filters in Away3D

I’m working on my first project using Away3D and am stumbling on some basic issues. I was trying to use a blurfilter on objects with no result whatsoever. Until I found an example written by tartiflop that gave the answer: use the property ‘ownCanvas’.


 var topPlane:Plane = new Plane({ownCanvas:true});
 topPlane.filters.push(new BlurFilter(8, 8));

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