Comparing segments of a stacked bar chart

When one chooses to use a stacked bar chart, it is seldom because it is the perfect visualization of your data. It is usually the result of some kind of compromise.

While it is possible to compare the totals, it is hard to compare the different segments. At least, that is true in case of static charts. When using interactivity and animation, one can overcome that problem.

Maybe this is a known solution, but I have never seen it before and therefore I decided to make the prototype. Hovering the mouse over the legend works better than hovering the mouse over the bars. Finding a good solution for interaction with the bars is not trivial. I may work that out when the situation arises that I’m actually going to use this functionality.

So far it’s only tested on Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

A possible solution to compare the segments within the same bar: rotate all segments 90 degrees.

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